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Latest News

The United States plans to build intelligent roads to reduce traffic accidents

Time:2018-01-06 Views:49
The driverless technology is growing rapidly and the United States plans to build a smart road that matches smart cars.
Currently, driverless cars are moving in the direction of humans and technicians want them to recognize and respond to unexpected situations on the road as human beings do. Many automakers say their driverless cars are safer than human-driven cars, reducing the number of fatalities in an accident by 35,000 a year.
As smart cars do not yet have a standardized model, in order to continue the popularity of road smart, we must understand how different brands of cars and smart roads to exchange data. Many roads in the United States have become disrepair and intellectualized only a few kilometers. President-elect Trump has promised to rebuild the infrastructure, but the project is estimated to cost billions of dollars and does not seem to be favored by experts .
In addition, many states have invested themselves in trying to advance smart road technology. Ohio spent $ 15 million installing fiber-optic cable networks and sensor systems in November 2016, while Utah and Virginia installed sensors and dedicated short-range communications technology for traffic lights and bridges to provide timely feedback to driverless vehicles about road conditions So that the car can react.